There are times when the  need arises for assisted care,  when you do not have the time to find the home care service that is right for you. Membership provides  pe evulated needed for support and folumarisation with the agency therefore we can provide care within 24 hours.

Our membershup services provide our clients and their families the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they have access to personalized care if they ever need it and that it’s as simple as a phone call to away.

Most of our members don’t need our services streight away but enjoy knowing that they can access services if they ever need within 24 hours.  For just $20 membership annual fee , you sign up with Alomcare, and when you give us just 24 hours notice, we can have a caregiver come in to provide the assistance you need. Being a member does not obligate you to use our services. It just makes sure that you are set up as a client and that our services are as simple as a phone call away.

  • Our members have:
  • Careplans and preferences already set-up
  • Access to our urgent response line
  • Guaranteed prebooked service
  • 24 hour response for urgent and unexpected needs

Peace of mind is something you can’t take a chance on, don’t spend time organizing care when you can already have it in place if you ever need it.